22" Zildjian rides as crashes


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Reading this and the mention of the Crash of Doom has again made me think 'maybe i should get one'.
Had the 18" years back and sold it because i found it too brash sounding. Hearing the 20" now makes me think that would be a perfect main crash and be perfect as a secondary ride as well! Do i need it? Well no... do i want it?

My buddy has a 20 and it's very dark! It's pretty cool!


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I absolutely love my 20. Wasn't as big of a fan of the 22. The only issue I have with the 20, is live with my band on the bigger stages, it just doesn't cut through the guitars at all unfortunately. Perfect for smaller shows though!
That was my issue with the 20” too. It was too soft compared to my other cymbals and even on quiter settings I didn’t liked it at all.

I went with the 22” and the 18”.

Both the 18” and 22” can be heard here:


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I love both of these cymbals! I love the 22" Avedis more as an crash. I think it'll go well with my 20" K Custom Dark Crash. With the 22" K Constantinople Medium Thin Low, I'll have it as an ride but I would definitely pair them both together!