2112, like, the whole thing, with Cygnus X-2


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We were able to squeeze our show for Neil under the proverbial closing garage door of quarantine season, just before everyone went on lockdown, on March 11th, here in Raleigh, and I asked my dad to take as much video as he possibly could. So we have footage of most of the show! Unfortunately, Warren's Chibson LP Custom, which he'd outfitted with a non-route Floyd Rose bridge, decided to be more or less out of tune all night, so I haven't been arsed to mix Freewill and The Spirit of Radio yet, even if those were my favorite performances of the night. Hurts my brain, which incidentally was the theme of the show!

But hey, we got all of 2112, and his guitar sounds great!



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I love that kit! Those Hemispheres reso's are amazing! Sound of the kit rocks as well; the concert toms sound just like the real Neil :)
Really tight playing by the way! Some small errors when sections change, but I'm amazed on how quickly you recover and that there's no hickup time-wise. I play a Rush medley with a friend of mine and i know how hard the parts can be. Hats off!