21" or 23" A. Zildjian Sweet Ride?


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Haven't tried the 23" but used to have a 21" that I liked while I had it. Everybody else is right about keeping the size of your cymbal case/bag in mind, though. Having to buy a bigger bag may not be practical. I learned that the hard way, LOL.

Good luck with whatever you choose! (y)
well 22 is the max size for me, anything bigger isn't great for crashing on (i crash my ride A LOT)


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I've tried both in stores and played with the 21". And honestly, I'm torn between both. If you want a nice ride just for riding and nice bell, go for the 21". If you want a ride that's great for crashing and have a lower pitch for riding, go for the 23".

I'm leaning towards the 21" because I like riding on it more than the 23", but the 23" has more of a crash with the body ... and I love big rides over 22" so that's me ?‍♂️

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I just picked up a 21" Sweet ride as previously I had a A Ping ride only, which is kind of a one trick pony I found. I wanted more tonal complexity. If I was to describe my two ideal cymbal artists they would be Stuart Copeland and Alex Van Halen. I don't need to cut through in a venue as currently I am simply playing along to a stereo in my basement so the Sweet should have enough cut through and projection. I find lately that I prefer playing along to music with lots of groove and feel so the idea of sweetness in my ride is appealing. This won't be my last ride, but it should be a nice step up from the Ping ride, or so I expect.


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I have the 21" A Sweet Ride too and it's the perfect ride to really lay into. Not a huge fan of the crash sound, but when you want a wall of 'wash' it's perfect!
Not to mention the bell; cuts like a hot knife through butter. Anyway, happy 10th anniversary to mine. Have it for a decade now!


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Have the 21. Kind of sidelined at the mo due to a 2002 Heavy Ride being my favourite currently. I won't part with the 21 as it is such a great cymbal :)


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Wow this one started a while ago!
I have both the (large A logo) 21 (2) and 23 A Sweet Ride.
I also have a 21 SW from when it was first introduced years ago.
I got them back in '15 or '16, and used them for quite a while.
I mainly use Paiste, but these particular cymbals sounded really good.
I recorded with the 23, and in the places you can hear it in the music, it sounds really nice.
With the band I record with though, a smaller ride/crash ride actually sounds better.
a 20" cymbal sounds especially good.

LIVE, both the 21 and 23's are great, but it all depends on what you need for recording deciding on ONE o them.
Overall, I'd say the 21 is the best bet for having it do multiple things really well.


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I still love my 21" Sweet Ride but for gigging/recording I have since switched to a 21" Sabian HHX Groove Ride. It still cuts through the mix no problem and it is not quite as bright. I was going to look at the K Sweet rides but right before they came out, a used HHX Groove ride came into my local drum shop and they had it priced fairly low so I had to snag it.