20x14 inch bass drum question


Greetings- I'm interested in getting a new 20x14 inch bass drum. I have an old that's real punchy sounding with reinforcement hoops (vintage Ludwigs circa 1967). Unfortunately it's been abused too death (even barely survived a flood) - so restoring it is not really an option.

My question is: if I'm going to get a NEW bass drum with these dimensions, do I need reinforcement hoops to retain that punchy sound? Or would I have to get a deeper shell like 20x16 or 20x17.5? I plan on sticking with North American sugar maple with a high gloss laquer.

Or would I be better off looking for a vintage kit with a 20x14 bass drum?

Any and all opinions welcome. Thanks!


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If you are looking to reproduce that sound as closely as possible, then get a new drum that is as close as possible. I would think the re ring would be a vital part of that sound. Heads, and shell too.


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If only the wood was affected by the flood, strip all the hardware off your old kick, throw the wood away, get a shell and hoops off eBay (or where ever), and bang....your old buddied reborn. Here's a 20x14 shell with hoops on eBay: http://cgi.ebay.com/1967-Ludwig-WMP-Bass-drum-shell-hoops-20-x-14_W0QQitemZ140291656364QQihZ004QQcategoryZ10173QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Keller makes a vintage shell that is "very close" to the old Ludwig design (the A.I.T.link) is your hook-up there. I give 2 thumbs up for "going vintage".


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If you want more "punch", go with a smaller-depth shell. I would recommend checking out what harryconway suggested.


Thank you all for your suggestions! Very helpful. Now I just have to decide how many plies I want and whether to go virgin or not. Thanks again and cheers!