2020 Scam Potential

Rochelle Rochelle

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I've been seeing this posted and was wondering if it really is a legit thing to worry about. I know my checks (not that I write that many anymore) already have the first "20" printed on them so this is not an issue and I assume once most legal documents have already been dated and signed and filed any alterations will be noticed and will be invalid.


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I've been seeing this on the news lately. If the crooks and scammers couldn't figure this out on their own, the TV has given them a heads up. Way to go media dumbasses. If no one said anything, this might not have been an issue, but now everybody knows.


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Sort of an odd argument because people could be putting numbers behind abbreviated 19 to make it an earlier date for fraud too. 1999, etc Just don't abbreviate the year seems a best practice. Slime ball fraud mongers will find a way.