2012 Mapex Meridian Maple Demo


Got this brand new Meridian Maple the other month for a pretty cheap price from in a drum shop clearance sale. Just got round to tuning it up and setting it up properly. It's not my kit per say, it's my dad's. He liked my kit, so we got him this kit as a surprise which is why the cymbals are much different from my other video aswell as the room.

The bass drum it 22"x20 which is huge! It sounds like a cannon compared to my 22"x16 kit. I also really like the undrilled kick drum but I'm not too into the Mapex Pedal it came with. Some hiccups in this video mainly due to the stick model I was using (3A's I think?)

Also, for some reason my dad really likes damp drums (I'm not too into that) which is why there's some moongel and pinstripes on the heads. No muffling in the bass drum however apart from the Powerstroke Head that came on it.

Anyways, enjoy!

The main groove I do for most of this video is an excerpt from "Take The Veil Cerpin Taxt" by Mars Volta that I've been playing around with recently.