20" A Custom RIDE AS CRASH?????


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I'm looking for a big crash , with long decay and medium pitch for it's size. I've heard some videos in youtube and thougth that it would make a good crash. Unfortunately I can't try it because local stores don't carry zildjian any more.

so, what do you think about using a A custom ride as a crash?



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I always thought those things were crashes, lol! Seriously, If you're not playing it on the bell then away it goes! I had another "ride" that behaved that way. It was the 20" Evolution. I was so disappointed in it as a ride, I just let it sit in my garage for the next couple years. Then one day, I had the idea that since all it ever does it wash out, that I'd try it as a big crash - worked like a charm and I used it strictly as a crash for the next few years until stupidly selling it.

Bottom line: if it says ride and all it does is wash out with no definition, then for all intents and purposes, it's a freakin' crash!


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Eh, they work OK as crashes, there are definitely better options out there. Even the Pojection ride works better as a crash IMO.


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I used to have one of those. It is very crashable, but also extremely loud. If you pair it with a normal crash, it will easily overpower it, and if you play small stages you might just overpower the whole band.


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It's not a zildjian, but I've got a 20" Paiste Power Crash and it's insane. Long decay, but maybe a little high pitched... depends on your ears i guess... it matches well with an 18" A custom projection crash if that comparison helps.


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I bought the 22" A Custom Ride because it does crash so well. It's currently my main ride. I'm almost surprised they don't market it as a crash/ride, though. Either the 20" or 22" A Custom Ride will certainly give you more sustain than a normal crash if you use it as such.

I personally enjoy a bit of wash in a ride since I like to shoulder it during heavy spots; if I want ping I play the bell.