20” kicks anyone?


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Sure do. 2 kits with that size. If I could only have one size bass drum it would be a 20x14. It can tune up to bop, way down for punch, as well as everything between. I can cover just about anything with that size. Throw in a 14x5 snare, maybe an Acro, and I'm good to go.
Make that 3 now. Tama Starclassic Maple 20x14, Ludwig Giglite 20x8, and a Whitehall kit with a 20x14.

Al Strange

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I’ve got a couple of 22”s and a 24”, but played a 20” which the drummer of a headliner kindly let me use. My initial thought was, “oh no, a Lego kit!” but I have to say it was an incredible sounding drum and super easy to play! (y) :)
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