20” kicks anyone?


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Sure, it's the perfect all purpose drum, the one drum I used from 1982-2008-- first an early 60s Gretsch then a late 80s Gretsch. Made a couple of records with a Yamaha RC 20x14, and that was great, too.
I just got a 20x12 single tension Ludwig. there are no legs so I just picked up the DW hoop mount ones. now I am waiting on the batter head to arrive. excited to see how this one sounds!


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I've got 14, 15 & 16x20" kicks, all sound great.


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I have and love, a 20x16. Part of my 1994 Pearl Master Custom Maple set. I have used it in pretty much every genre you can think of that would include drum set, and have never had a problem with it sounding great. Honestly, the most versatile size, I think!!


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Sure do. 2 kits with that size. If I could only have one size bass drum it would be a 20x14. It can tune up to bop, way down for punch, as well as everything between. I can cover just about anything with that size. Throw in a 14x5 snare, maybe an Acro, and I'm good to go.

C.M. Jones

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I had a 20x14 back in the '80s. Very punchy, compact, and easy to transport. I prefer a 22x16 or a 22x18, though.


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I have a couple of kits with 20x14 bass drums, and I dig them. They are easier to transport and they are easier for positioning toms lower.


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I have a 20 x 14 Ludwig Club date last year's model. I like it pretty good I just have Factory heads on it I would like to experiment with some others . I really like being able to have my rack Toms lower. The 14 in-depth makes it easy to carry and transport takes up less room on stage also. I used to have a 20 x 18 Yamaha it sounded great but didn't transport as easy and took up more stage room.