2 up with a 12" tom as the smallest


"Uncle Larry"
So I've been gigging a 12/13/16 for probably a year now. I went from a 10/12/16.

Beings that I play unmiced always, I found I needed a minimum 12" drum for my small tom.

While I still do dearly love the 10" tom sound, unmiced, it just doesn't carry the way I want it to..

I think it doesn't carry because it's sustain is too short due to the size heads it has. The less mass, the quicker it stops vibrating.

Anyway, I was imprinted with the high tuned 12" tom tone on the Motown records. I still really love that tone. I'm extremely happy with the 12 for a high tom. It carries much better than a 10" tom. Those 2" make a noticeable difference 15 feet away. I REALLY dig the 13 as my medium tom tone. It just beats the living crap out of my 12" as my medium tom tone. Warm, big, deep and oh so satisfying.

I always thought the 12 and 13 were too close in size. So I closed myself off to it without even trying them. (smacks forehead with heel of palm, stupid, stupid, stupid. I could have been enjoying this for years. I think that the manufacturers knew what they were doing when they chose those sizes way back then.

I'll never go back to a 10 on my gig set. Even my 4 piece bop kit, I now use my 12" instead of the 10" as my high tom.

I don't know what I'm looking for response wise, so whatever.