2 ply resonant heads


Has anyone else ever used 2 ply heads as your tom batter head?
Title says 'resonant' but post says 'batter'. Assuming you mean the tom undersides...

Yes, loads. I find them a little too tubby on rack tom sizes but fantastic on floor toms - in terms of the way most non-jazz drummers seem to want to tune floor toms, a 2-ply reso will give you all of what you want and none of what you don't!


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I've found several people on here said they used them on their Fl. toms to tame them down a bit. My 14" rings for ever, so I tried a super2 Aquarian on the reso. and a performance 2 on top. I like it. I still have ambassador on 16" reso. but I'm planning on getting a super2 for it also.