2 New Band Demos: Superstition and SonnyMoon For Two


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Hey guys!

Here's some newer stuff I've been playing on.

My Jazz Quartet went into our school studios and recorded 4 tracks. I ended up keeping this take of SonnyMoon For Two (12 Bar Blues by Sonny Rollins) because I like what I do solo-wise in the trading section at the end. I'd love some critiques. We did about 3 takes of each song.

The second tune is Superstition. For one of our classes we had to record a demo, mainly for the tech and mixing side of things. I got the privilege of playing on this track and one of my friends mixed it. The kit is the schools and it was downright crap (check the snare intro at the beginning) but with some work it pulled up pretty nicely, and I was happy with this. No horns, so guitarist overdubbed all those parts for some interesting sounds!

You can check them on my new music Myspace (add me) at:


As always, I love criticism.



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Funky! Superstition was nice and dirty, and i really like the guitar playing the horn lines.

I also liked the playing in SonnyMoon for two...what ride were you using?

Sorry I dont have anything constructive to say lol.


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Good stuff, Nathan.

the snare getting under my skin a little bit, notwithstanding, that was some very nice controlled playing. I enjoyed the guitarists interpretation of the horns too.

No criticism really.. the Rollins tune could have been a little edgier...? The guitar solo seemed a little tame..

but hey, only because you asked.

I liked it


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Thanks guys.

Gusty: That ride is a 20" Vintage Zildjian, 70's era I believe but hard to tell.

It's my pride and joy, great tone, nice amount of wash (and a 2" strip of gaffer on the underside of the bell, which seems to make it just perfect).

Thanks abe, that was probably my 3rd or 4th take of Superstition. Guitarist kept pushing me off the click when we were doing it, so we ended up pulling him completely out of my cans and tracking with bass and a guide vocal. Probably not so much controlled as not wanting to do any more takes haha.

We were trying to run pretty straight for the jazz tunes as we're trying to make a demo for some corporate gigs (background music). We're planning on re-recording tunes for that anyway, but I figured I'd put this up.

Anyone's opinion of my trading solos on SonnyMoon?


I've only had time to listen to 'Superstition'.

Fan-bloody-tastic! Your guitar player is fantastic - guys, there's how to do a DEEP pocket, right there. Good kit playing too, just laid back enough, just right. Not too many notes, just keeping it four-on-the-floor. I really enjoyed it. I really did.