2 minute Questionnaire


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Done, although the last question limited acceptance of new technologies to a very narrow selection of examples. I ticked the first category of the last question, as I'm very open to new thinking, but didn't like any of the examples given.


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Done. Agreed re: the last question. I'm open to new products that are good, but there just aren't that many of them. And your examples didn't fit that description— eg: acrylic drums are neither new nor good.


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I had an idea whilst replying to the survey.

The biggest issue I have is the bulk of hardware. I've cut down my hardware as far as is practically possible (two light, straight cymbal stands, lightweight pedal, bass-drum mounted ride cymbal) within my budget but it is still a lot to carry.

I thought about developing a hardware case that has modular sections. Hypothetically, you would have a 'base' unit with a handle and wheels that can be secured but has mounting points for smaller sections that could carry hardware. E.g. the base section could house cymbal stands, a secondary section could carry snare stands (I use two), a third section for accessories and another section for a pedal or miscellaneous gear. Large clips could be used to secure these sections together in a stable arrangement and means they could be carried in individually in areas where access is tight (e.g. stairs) but otherwise acts as a standard rolling case. I've never seen it done.