2 for 1 Question: Drum Tuning and Recording Set-Up Follow-Up.


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I still haven't mastered the Tunebot. I wish I had the same results as others do with it.

I think what I need to do is start off tuning my drums in a good room to get the best numbers. I recorded my numbers while tuning my drums in my basement, and when I adjust to the numbers in just about any room or outside, my drums sound horrible, and I end up doing it by ear anyways. Maybe I need to start off by changing rooms and starting over.
Get their smartphone app for kit / tom range suggestions. It is helpful.


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I got one recently. It was cool to dial up some suggestions, but I also find it sometimes fails to accurately register the frequency or seems to be all over the place. I can tap by a single lug the same level over and over and get things like 332, 165, 45, 400, 400, 400, 249. WTF am I supposed to do with that !!!! lol

That being said, I think the ability to measure the fundamental pitch as a reference point.....I can then at least work to get to that same number.
Yep same here. I find moving Tune-bot around to near problem lug helps.
Just don't leave Tune-bot in the same position. Also, a finger press gently in the centre of head helps with "wild" readings.

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Oh, my above suggest refers to your interface/digital stage. Since you're using an analog mixer and gettingsome noise, it sounds like, the answer may lie in your gain staging. The physical location of the knows on your mixer are less important than adequate gain for each mic/channel. Start off so your loudest hits are hitting unity on the mixers display and then further adjustments should be minor and hopefully you'll be above the mixer's noise floor.

Hope this is helpful.