2 different bands, two different songs, same title


"Uncle Larry"
You guys are insane. Good stuff.

I had no idea it was this widespread.

But, how about this: The End - The Doors, My Chemical Romance, The Beatles, Bullet for my Valentine, Pearl Jam, Groove Coverage, Simple Plan, Ellie Goulding, Kings of Leon.
Pretty hard to beat, right there. Dang Mitch!


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"Turn the Page" is a popular song by Bob Segar, and covered by Metallica.
It's also the name of a Rush song, and a few other bands.
Turn the Page is probably one of Rush's best songs from the late 80's. Let's just be honest. Geddy, Alex, and Neil all kick ass one way or another on that track.


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I think I've played in 2 or 3 band that all had songs called "Let Go." Thankfully I've never brought the wrong chart to the wrong gig, haha.
That may the winner:

Per Wikipedia:

"Let's Go" (Calvin Harris song), 2012
"Let's Go" (The Cars song), 1979
"Let's Go" (Pharoahe Monch song), 2007
"Let's Go" (Shawn Desman song), 2005
"Let's Go" (Trick Daddy song), 2004
"Let's Go!" (Wang Chung song), 1987
"Let's Go", by Beenie Man
"Let's Go", by Cartel
"Let's Go", by Def Leppard from the self-titled album
"Let's Go!", by Eurythmics from Revenge
"Let's Go", by Group 1 Crew from Outta Space Love
"Let's Go", by Kool Moe Dee from The Greatest Hits
"Let's Go", by Korn from The Path of Totality
"Let's Go", by LiveonRelease from Goes on a Field Trip
"Let's Go", by Mark Schultz from Mark Schultz
"Let's Go", by Ministry from The Last Sucker
"Let's Go", by Namie Amuro from Uncontrolled
"Let's Go", by Ramones from End of the Century
"Let's Go", by Royce da 5'9" featuring Twista from Rock City
"Let's Go", by Samy Deluxe
"Let's Go", by Travis Barker from Give the Drummer Some
"Let's Go", by Zion I from Break a Dawn
"Let's Go (Nothing for Me)", by New Order from the soundtrack of the 1987 film Salvation!
"Let's Go (Pony)", by The Routers, also covered by The Ventures
"(Let's Go), Get Lost", by Patrick Wolf from The Magic Position
"V Put" (English: "Let's Go"), popular Russian marching song
"Let's Go!", by Girl's Day
"Let's Go, Go-Go White Sox", the fight song of the Chicago White Sox professional baseball team
"Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go", a 1960 song by Hank Ballard and the Midnighters


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Liar - recorded by Rollins Band, Queen, Sex Pistols, The Damned, Megadeth and probably loads more.


Dancing In the Moonlight - Thin Lizzy and King Harvest

The Wizard - Black Sabbath and Uriah Heep

Renegade - Thin Lizzy and Styx

And for the song title "Liar", you can add Three Dog Night to the mix


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Apparently copyright laws do not generally extend to song titles because they often are too short and lack "sufficient originality."
However a long song title might have "sufficient originality" to qualify for copyright protection.
You mean like ... “Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict”?