1st Timer with Drum News!


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I'm a 1st time poster.
Live in London and have enjoyed being round drummers all my life but never picked up a pair of sticks.
Would like to but don't have the time.
Thought people here may want to know that I saw a announcement about ex Level 42 drummer Phil Gould doing a gig in London and boy, thats just exciting news.
One of the coolest drummers from my day.
Anyone else think the same?
Anyway here are the details and I'm going with my brother as can't miss this one.

Phil Gould in his new band Favoured Nations.
31st May at a venue called Ginglik in Londons Shepherds Bush.
Tickets are £15 each and it says on Gingliks website where to buy them.
Also saw that he has Mike Lindup from Level 2 playing with him!

Hope I've put this in the right place so hopefully admin won't come down on me too hard.
It should be a great evening as I've not seen Phil Gould play in years and he also has a new website! www.philgould.com which is great.

Hope to interact more now I've finally joined and maybe get behind a kit at last.