1960's Ludwig White Marine Pearl


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Hey everyone.

I am interested in buying this snare and was wanting a little bit of input from you guys on what you think it is worth.

I am pretty sure that I am already going to buy it, I would just like to feel a little better about the purchase if I am making a good deal.




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Those old drums have a tubby, woody sound to them unless you tune 'em up. Then they have a woody bark and pop that will knock your socks off!

...well, except for the one in your pictures, because it looks like it only has 6 lugs. The 6 lug models are extremely ringy, but extremely woody as well. Not much "pop" to them, but a fat ringy sound.

I don't know how much the one you're thinking of buying is worth, but locally, these go for $100-$125 all the time. $150 for a PRIMO one, and rarely for more than that (unless it's a rare finish or whatnot...)


With old wood snares, there's too many variables to give a stock price/worth. Some sing. Some are dogs. You'll have to pay it to know. Then decide if you want it.