1960's ludwig keystone? what are they worth?


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Those will be early 64/pre 64 drums. In the 60's insurance companies made it mandatory that serial numbers be put on items so they can be documented.​
Those drums will have a nice maple exterior underneath the duco, so if your looking to refinish 'em ..... these will work great. They'll have a painted white interior. Center lugs .... Club Date drums.​
As far as what they're worth? What are you willing to pay for them? I paid $375, for a 14x14 Duco floor tom. This one looks like a 15x12. I paid $170 for my Duco 12x8. This one might be a 13x9.​



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That badge appeared on Ludwig drums from 60-63.The shells are the same as the more expensive Classic line and sound just about the same.Club dates are being re-issued by Ludwig,although the new ones are imported,but still sound great.

Their vintage/collectable value has gone up in the past few years.

The pics are terrible,so placing a price on them is difficult,as the bass drum and snare drum are missing.The proper snare drum for that era of club date would be the Jazzfestival (8 lug) model and the floor tom should be 15x12.

For the current market value,I would check Ebay COMPLETED auctions,but first,I would get more pics of a better quality.Cell phone pics just don't cut it.

Steve B