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The Best Action Adventure Games That You Should Definitely Play

My god the last year we had was wonderful. There were so many games that came out, many of them are wonderful. Some of which are even completely new games IP (intellectual properties). The category we will be talking about today is action-adventure games. Do you have a sense of adventure? Do you like overcoming obstacles and battling against countless threats? If your answers are yes, then this is the genre for you. Check out these awesome action adventure games that we recommend!


Developed by the New Zealand studio A44 and published by Annapurna Interactive, Ashen is an action and adventure game set in a fantasy world and released for the Xbox One as well as Windows. Like many games, Ashen tells a story about a battle between light and darkness. Years ago, the eponymous god who keeps the world from falling into pieces disappeared and let the world sink into darkness. As you make your way along the main storyline, you will begin to feel the beauty of what was lost in the darkness. Don't wait and download it at Apk App Store.


The next title in the list is Celeste, a platform action adventure game developed by only 2 people: Matt Thorson and Noel Berry. Together the duo claimed many awards for their hard work and dedication. Celeste was nominated in 4 categories in The Game Award 2018 and won Games for Impact and Best Independent Game. the story of the game lets you follow the footstep of a young woman named Madeline as she goes on a journey to conquer Celeste Mountain. Later on when she camps at night and rests, a dark reflection of herself, “Part of Madeline” comes out and tries to stop her from climbing the mountain by force. How can the mountain do that? What are its secrets?

Dead Cells

Created by an independent game studio, Dead Cells is a is a roguelike-metroidvania game that was released on multiple console platforms in 2018. In Dead Cells, the player will take control of a body of cells in a dungeon, and now you have to break free from the place. During the progress of doing so, the player can collect and equip a wide variety of weapons, claiming treasures and tools, exploring the levels to fight the creatures within it. The player can earn “cells”, an in-game currency that allows the player to buy permanent upgrades to help them progress further in the game. however, if the player fails to make it to the vendor, then all the collected cells will be lost and the player must start again. You can find out more information at Apk downloads app.

Far Cry 5

Developed by Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Toronto, Far Cry 5 is the Far Cry game that we have been waiting for. It’s not as great as the older game in the franchise, but when you compare it to Far Cry Primal, this is way better. In this installment of the game, the player gets to go back to America, to be more specific, it’s the beautiful Hope County, Montana. As beautiful as it is, the place is under control of a cult led by the maniac Joseph Seed and his siblings. It’s your job to take them down get rid of the cult once and for all. You won't be alone in this journey, as you will come across many members of the resistance, support them and bring back peace to Hope County.

God of War 2018

My god does the world in God of War looks beautiful. The eight installments in the God of War series takes the player on a completely new journey, and also a completely new Kratos. After years have passed since the day he took revenge on the gods of Olympus, Kratos now begins a new journey where he and his young son go to fulfill the last wish of his wife: have her ashes spread at the highest peak of the nine realms. The journey isn't simple, they have to find a way to overcome many challenges and Kratos has to face many enemies that want to revenge him after all he has done. This game is considered by many one of the best action-adventure games of 2018 and truly deserves the title of Game of The Year.


Despite this being more than an adventure game than an action game, I still feel like I should include it in this list. Gris is a great game where you will follow the footsteps of a hopeful young girl that is lost in her own world and has to deal with many bad experiences in her life. As you make progress in the game, the main character will grow emotionally, seeing the world around her in a different way and letting the player explores new paths. One more special thing about Gris is that the game is an experience with no text and can be understood by anyone through its gameplay and universal icons. Gris currently is available at Free app store apk.

So, that concludes the list of great action adventure games of 2018 that you need to try. What do you think of them? Do you like what we recommended? If you do, follow us for many more great recommendations to come!
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