1890's 16x6(?) Marching Snare Drum - Any Experts?


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Hey guys, my mom saw this at an antique show in Mt. Dora and bought it, with the hope that it'd be worth something. Either to me or to someone who'd buy it. I told her it was probably nothing special, but because of the size, the age, and the condition, it had to be worth something, and even if not, I'd take it.

Shell is definitely warped, but it doesn't look like it's out round. This can be sanded down to achieve some kind of desirable sound, no?

Anyway, here are the pictures. What can you all tell me?

A look inside... That's the wood of the drum (walnut maybe?) on top, the reinforcement ring in the center, and part of the head on the bottom

I can only assume a clip for your waste...

"Used in Grantville Drum Corps 1898"

"Bought from Jason Herst by J.B. Nieves 1929 - $3.00"
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I would like to see some more pics,but best guess would be either Boulanger or Leedy standard line.The Leedy standard line did have drums in your size,with carved and inlaid shells,and wood hoops.The best part is that were all steam bent walnut shells.That drum could possibly be coaxed back into round.I haven't seen many,so I don't know if the're is a big collectors market.You might try Emailing either Rob Cook,or John Aldridge,concerning restoration and collector value.My guess is he may say,just leave it alone,and enjoy it as is.

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