18” Zildjian Stack


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I’m trying to create an 18” stack that’s kind of like the Meinl Anika Nilles deep hats but maybe a tiny bit trashier (not too trashy). I already have the K EFX for the top but I’m struggling with what to put underneath. Debating between a K Custom Dry Crash and K Custom Dry China. I know Benny Greb has played a stack with a china underneath and I liked it. But I’m not sure if having the holes in both the top and bottom cymbals will make it sound bad. Does anyone have any experience with this?


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Not 18", but have played 16" stack. Used a Paiste formula 602 for the bottom and my Istanbul Xist (with holes) and liked it a lot. I think the K custom dry might be a bit "heavy". Who knows until it's tried. You are indeed a Wild one Mr Buffalo.


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The Deep Hats are essentially two trash/EFX crashes in a hi-hat or x-hat position. The K Custom Trash crashes only come in odd sizes, so picking the 17 or 19" might not work in the exact same way. Might want to go with another K EFX and try that out. Picking the A Custom version is an option too, but would give you a more brighter sound.


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I have a 16" K EFX crash stacked on top of an 18" A Custom EFX crash, and it sounds great! Though I tend to rotate them so the larger elongated holes don't line up, as that alters the sound slightly. It sounds somewhat like Dave Weckl's stack, which I believe is a 14" China on top of an 18" crash.