18” crash Paiste GB or 602 thin or...


Hi there

Graduated from eDrums recently so fleshing out first acoustic kit. Already have 20” 602 traditional medium ride and 12”Copeland hihats and love them both (got a good Xmas deal for them). I play anything from jazz to 70’s rock to reggae.

So now I am hunting for an 18” crash and fancied the giant beat and the 602 thin crash and the latter is of course quite a bit more expensive... but that sound...

Looking for advice please if I should just bite the bullet an grab the 602 to match the ride

PS. Not that I am averse to mixing and matching different brands. I have byzance Benny Greb 20” sand ride too which I use sometimes as second crash. Probably should have grabbed the 18” foundry reserve off the same guy and be done but I could see he loved the thing and reluctant to let that one go even though he needed to raise cash so I felt bad insisting it being part of the deal. That thing sounded beautiful too though when I tried it but where I am a first hand is even more expensive than the 602 option

Any advice/prodding appreciated. Thank you


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Both are wonderful cymbals. I have the GB - it will blend very well and at the same time make a nice contrast to the Signature hi hat and the 602 ride. To me, the GBs are the 602s in Paiste´s B8 cymbal line-up.
OTOH this won´t help you if you´re set on the 602 Thin. :)


Have you also considered 2002 or Signature crashes? I love GBs but the 18" multi is my least favorite of the line. I much prefer the larger ones like the 20". I'd try to sit in a room with them all set up or maybe check the Paiste sound examples on the website.


Thank you.
Play at home mostly so feel like the 2002 is more concert crash by most accounts so between that and GB I plan on going the GB route.

Signature I feel is priced close enough here to the 602 and I may as well go all the way.

I have an option of a discounted 602 with a slight bend after falling on the edge (the shop was honest)

Wonder if there is a long term additional risk of cracking from that? I barely noticed it personally and still sounded wonderful.


I would think, as long as you're buying from an authorized dealer, the mfr's warranty would apply if you had any issues. Good luck whichever you choose - good stuff! (y)