Hollywood Jim

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I think this thread has the potential of becoming one of the best threads ever !



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Ahhh......that takes me back.

I can remember disregarding some good advice in my life.

I've disregarded seat belts, thoroughly defrosting meat before you cook it, ergonomic drum kit set-ups, not eating a big meal before you swim, holding the door open for the elderly, never by a ladies car, wearing slippers and a dressing gown as a teenager and always eat 2 fruit and 3 veggies a day.

And here I am, in good spirits.


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...I guess I'll try to be dumb more often?

Thanks, all.

C.M. Jones

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Never underestimate the efficacy of disregard. Addition by subtraction is a sound formula by which to live. There's much to be gained by ignoring what doesn't matter.


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a new saying was coined 'disregard the period'.
it required much dexterity to click that 'period'.
the thread could be a masterpiece because it is so 'period correct'.


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hmmmmmmmmm, you make a valid point there. never thought of it that way before.


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Therefore, my point is moot.