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Well, after having a successful sale of one of a tom of mine, I have $120 flying in. I already have $30, so [after some kindergarten math] I now have $150. Amazing.

Thing is, I'm not entirely sure what I should invest it in. Things I have been thinking so far:

- Vintage Acrolite (Currently have a stock Tama Superstar, its birch, its not that bad...)
- Replacing my stock resos / getting new kick heads
- Maybe a Wuhan...?
- Saving for another, quality crash.

My birthday is in February, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to ask for some new hats. I want to invest this money in more mid-range product, since my last addition was a new ride.

Think you can help?
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Well... What do you really need?

If your snare sounds alright, forget the Acrolite, you can always pick one of those up later. If you're not happy with it, then get a new snare.

I myself would replace the heads first, then try and get something you really need.


My spending usually gets prioritized like so:

1. NEEDS: (stuff I must have for the kit to work)
- Repairs/Replacements
- Replace lousy stock drumheads to Evans or Aquarian
- Decent snare/cymbals if the ones I have are poor.

2. WANTS: (stuff I want to put on the kit to expand or upgrade)
- Add on drums/cymbals/percussion
- Extra/ high end Snare
- Other

If I am in a money bind, I make sure I spend wisely, or save more for the "wants."


Currently have a stock Tama Superstar, its birch, its not that bad...)

That is a fine snare drum when used correctly. I'd wait with buying a new snare. Not sure what you have now, but if you're going to spend it, spend it on good heads if you must. But remember: the more you save up, the more you can buy, quality-wise.


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If you're going for a practical purchase, go for the heads. If you want a fun new toy, go for the Acrolite.

Personally, I am pretty upset, because I saw an Acrolite on Craigslist for $20 and the guy obviously doesn't check his email.


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Since you have this lump of cash, I'd spend it on something that will last forever, like a cymbal, drum, or even a drum dial (I LOVE my drum dial) rather than heads.


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Buy Shady McSham's video of secret tornado fills from those ancient Cincinatti jazz cats and lost top secret double bass whirlwind chop techniques from the 40's. Plus a bonus, his revolutionary quantum multi stick technique where he teaches you to play five drums at once WITH ONE HAND!!!! It's an incredible value at only 139.99 plus (you said you had one fifty, right?) $10 S/H. Order today!!!!

Or just get the new drumheads like everyone else said, and get a little wuhan to boot. Oops sorry, i forgot it was a family forum.


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I just have to get my father to withdraw the money now, so I'm about three days away from a purchase.

I've done some thinking, and it's come to these selections:

- New resos for toms and kick, along with new batter for kick ($107ish)
- Save the money for a Fierce Crash [any opinions on these would be fine, I haven't heard them in PERSON, but I like the soundfiles and the concept of them. I am currently using B8's...eww...] ($290-$340)

BUT! On my further investigations on eBay, I found a bonus pack for a new Iron Cobra Powerglide Single, which includes the Cobra Coil attachment along with felt, wood, and rubber beaters.
ALL FOR $130.
[Currently using Iron Cobra Jr.]

So, my options are:

- Heads
- Crash
- Pedal.

Your opinion?