15" HHX X-Celerator Hats


Next week i'm going to be ordering my first decent cymbals after 6 years of very commited learning. I'm getting these in a brilliant finish and on sale with £120 off the usual price. Really can't wait :D


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Hi Whatsam
I have been playing for forty years and had most types,sizes and makes in that that time.
I play these now and I have to say I wish they had been around when I started.
They are fabulous in my opinion. The best I have ever played. When you put them on your stand and press your foot down for the first time the width of your grin will split your head-))
When you get a stick on them you will think you have died and gone to heaven.
Enjoy them.


I'm glad to hear there so good, I believe the 15" has been discontinued and thats why they're on sale so cheap but I still love the sound. I played them at the drum show and they were THE best cymbals there. Really cannot wait and well done on finding the perfect sound after a long time :)