15" Floor tom depth


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Background info:
I played a Tama Granstar w/ a 15x14 floor tom for the longest time and I love 15" toms. Six years ago I picked up a DW Collectors kit w/ 14x11 and 16x13 floor toms (FAST sizes). It took some getting used to and FAST sizes aren't my first choice for floor toms, but the price was right so why not.

So now:
I'm 98% sure I'm going to add a 16x16 floor tom and eventually a 15" and a deeper 14" and further down the line an 18". My quandary is for the depth of the 14" and 15". I'm leaning towards 14x14 but was also thinking 14" depth for the 15" too since I'm familiar w/ that size. (I am well aware of the complete differences in shell construction and sizes between my Granstar birch kit and my Collectors Maple. ) Nonetheless, I'm vacillating between "sqaure" 14" and 15" floor toms or just getting both of them in 14" depth.

So thoughts on a 15"x15" floor tom?
I bought a GMS kit a few years ago now that had a 15” x 15” floor tom. In the many moons of playing this maddening instrument, I never had a 15” floor tom before that purchase, and I was surprised by its versatility. I’ve had serval kits in the past where when all you got is the 14” floor tom and it doesn’t seem to want to tune down to an emotionally satisfying note, the 15” gets me there.

I’m not going on record as saying that I’m a 15” floor tom “convert”, but it certainly works quite well, especially for me since it’s the only floor tom on this particular kit. I usually run a 4 piece kit these days, with a 12” rack tom up top. (Oddly enough, this kit had a 22” x 15” deep bass drum. The number “15” seems to be a recurring theme with this kit, but hey, it sounds good and looks great so I ain’t complaining.)

My only real hesitation with 15” floor toms is that no one ever has heads in stock for them locally. I always have to order replacement heads for my kit online, which I’m not real fond of. Prefer to keep my local independent shops in business, especially since I used to work for an indy drum shop for 12 years.

I think a 15” x 15” will suit your needs just fine.


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Well, my opinion probably won't help you, but I swore off square floor tom sizes some time ago. I've just never been happy with the sound the square sizes produce. I'd get all three in a shorter-than-square size, like 14X12, 15X13, 16X14.

However, if you're set on some of the FTs being square, I'd get all of them square.


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I had a 15x13 floor before this one and it sounded big. Now I have a 15x14 (with an 18x14 floor) and it sounds even bigger. So I would go that extra inch and go 14'' depth. Not really a fan of 15x15 as it gets a bit too cumbersome to pack (that inch does make a difference).

I went 15/18 instead of 14/15 or 15/16 as the 15 for me is the best hybrid between the 14 (size/transportation) and 16 (lower frequencies). The 18 really adds up as the second floor for those moments when either in a fill the extra tom is required, or when it asks for that ultra low boom.

My rack toms are 7'' deep so I like to keep the depth the same in each type of tom.

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The only 15" f/t I've owned was part of a Corder kit. It was a 15x15, possibly a Jasper shell, but never proven. One of the best sounding drums I've ever owned.


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I mean, I know Neil Peart likes 'em in the 15x12 and 15x13 variety. He also likes his 18" to be 18x18 from what I remember. But I also don't have a road crew to schlep around everything.


I've had a lot of 15x12s but on my Montineri kit, it's a 15x13 and I absolutely love how user friendly it is. Big and easy to tune.


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I have had a couple 15” floor toms in various kits . I currently own a lot with a 15 x 12” floor Tom and it is a joy to play .