14" wires on a 15


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Will the 14" wires work properly on a 15" snare drum?..I know they will fit, but will they function well? The 15" wires are so hard to find!!

The SunDog

Re: 14"wires on a 15

The ends of the snare wire actually bend away from the head when the strainer is on, like a frown shape, so that the wires are pushed against the reso head. I don't know if or how an extra 1/2 inch on each side would affect that. Could be nothing, could be drastic. That didn't help at all.


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Re: 14"wires on a 15

I have often wondered how shorter than required snare wires would affect the overall performance of a snare. I'm sorry but I'm no help either, but I am sure someone will come along an enlighten us all.

Red Menace

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Re: 14"wires on a 15

The 14" can't be your only snare. Don't you have a set you can cannibalize from another drum to try out? Report your findings back here and we'll all be a little bit wiser as a result of your experiment.

If it sounds bad then just get yourself these add on a snare head or a pair of sticks and save a few bucks on shipping.


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Re: 14"wires on a 15

I unfortunately don't have a 14" drum to try out my 13" wires on. I can't imagine the effect is crazy, though it might actually be a cool effect.


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Re: 14"wires on a 15

They will work. There is a drum builder on this site who uses 13 on 14 inch drums. I will search my question and answer.