13x7 Snares. Which is best?


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I'm in the market for a new snare and I really fancy a 13x7, all the ones I've tried so far have been great, but I don't know which one to settle for.

My current ideas are the Tama SLP G Maple
or the Mapex black panther Blaster.
I considered the Ludwig black magic, but concluded that wood was better suited for my style (A variation of Heavy rock/punk and hip hop/soul)

What are your thoughts on 13x7 snares and of those snares which do you think is the best choice?

Thanks to anyone who comments


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13x 7 snares can be tuned in many ways to fit a lot of genre. I would find the one that fits my wallet and my ear.


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I played a friend's SLP G-Maple at a blues jam a few weeks ago. Tama wasn't even on my list of snares to consider, and like you, I've been looking for a deeper 13" snare. After playing this drum, I have to say I was favorably impressed. He had it tuned medium-tight with a Fibreskyn on the batter, and it had a nice pop and snap to it that was really able to cut through the band. Some people seem to think a 13" drum might have weaker rimshots or cross-sticking - I found neither to be the case. The die-cast hoops sounded great on the drum. I can imagine that tuning a bit lower, with a heavier head, might give you something a little chunkier if you wanted it. The responsiveness was good, I was able to get pretty good articulation and buzz out of it with minimal effort.

I would say for a mass-produced, non-boutique 13" deep snare, it's worth of consideration. I have also heard a lot of good things about the Panther, but have never played one.


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I recently got an OCDP 7 x 13 chestnut ash snare with die cast hoops and I really like it, it was pretty cheap at GC for the 4th of July sale. I have listened to that Tama mentioned and it is sweet too.
Pearl used to make a birch and African mahogany 13 x 9 that sounded real good.


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i have been playing a black beauty clone (nickel over brass) 13 x 7" for the last month & i must say it is a top 3 lifetime for me. i am using it w/ this tower of power cover band & it destroys. just the perfect dry crack w/ tone & depth. dry but fat quality. amazing. seems to go well against a birch shell kit (yamaha).


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Ummm, am I seeing double here?
I agree.


It helps us to help you more efficiently if you stick to one thread on the same subject.

Having said that, and if you aren't locked into wood drums, here's a link to the Pork Pie 13 x 7 brass patina snare. A very lovely drum that is probably similar to bronze in that it is a bit more contained in overtones than the average brass drum.

I think it would fit with the styles you mentioned




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best ever ever ever 13x7 you can buy is the Tama SLP 13x7 i want that snare so bad! i tried it at GC once and was very impressed. very good job on that snare must say to tama

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I like lower tuning on the snare, and 13's can play the notes I want but they lack volume at that tuning. Sometimes it felt like a bit of a struggle hearing my Akira Jimbo snare in a band situation. I don't think they feel as nice either.

Anyway I have played that Tama on a kit and hit the mapex on a snare stand.. I'd probably get the Tama although I didn't try tuning either drum. I definitely loved the look of the Tama. The 14" version was better though.
I recently got a great deal on a Pork Pie Amber Acrylic. Haven't had alot of time to play it yet, but so far im thinking its definitely a winner! May get the best sound out of the drum by using no moongels or dampening.

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I tried a 13x7 Mapex Black Panther Maple/Cherry and was so impressed with it I bought it on the spot and it immediately became my main snare. The only reason I'm not using it with the Surf Rock band is because I don't want it damaging on kitshares when moving everything around.



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If you can find a Pork Pie Lil' Squealer used, I'd give it serious consideration although some people scoff because it's manufactured over seas, but I love mine. Just put a clear Evans EC SST and it really opened up some resonance missing when I had a ST Dry. I recommend trying it out, cuz who knows, you might like it more than a more expensive snare. Just my 2c.