13" or 14" Hi hat?


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I'm looking at getting a pair of 2002 S.E. Hi hats. Are there really any difference between the two sizes other than the prices and the 13" probably being a bit brighter. Are the 13's quieter or are they both about them same volume-wise?


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Yeah there's a difference. Not sure about "brighter" but the 13" will have a higher pitch and they may even have an ever so slightly quicker/sharper response due to being smaller cymbals. But all in all, the rippled bottom does work wonders in eliminating much of the sloshiness that is often associated with going to larger sized hats. At least I've found that to be true with my 15" SE's.

This one's really gonna come down to what sounds your ear likes to hear. Play 'em both....get the set that most appeals.

...................Get the 15s.........................
I did just that. My new toy......I love these things! :)


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I believe its the angle, the bell looks standard size to me. The center is polished so it looks deceiving. I've had my eye on these ever since my cousin purchased the 14.25s last year. I couldn't pass on the deal and I am very, very pleased at how clean they sound; a joy to play.


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I had the same decision when picking my Twenty's, I went with the 13" because it had a tighter chick sound and it did sound somewhat brighter than the 14" which had more slosh to it...still great hats at 14". I preferred the 13" that's all.

If I were to get another set of hats though i would be looking at a 14" this time around or maybe a 15"?


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Yeah I was thinking about getting the 13". I was also looking at the meinl soundcaster fusion hats, but its all a hard decision, because the only hats that any stores have around here are the 14" 2002 S.E. so they're the only ones I can hear in person.


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I have spent a long time playing both. I have one pair of each now. I prefer 14" but could change my mind in the future. Peace and goodwill.


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The 15" 2002 Sound Edges seem to get the most admiration, but the 14" 2002 SE's and the 13" 2002 SE's are my personal favorites. I own 13" and 14" and there is definitely a noticeable difference in volume between them. I love the lower volume, but the higher pitch and the quickness of the 13" model. If I want a louder and lower pitched SE hat, I use the 14". The 15" hats are just too big for me and for the music I play.

I also recently acquired an old 70s version of the 14" 2002 SE and they are much thinner than my thicker and newer pair. Edit: After being challenged about my facts on weight I actually weighed the 2 pairs of 14" SE's and I was wrong! They weigh almost exactly the same! The old 70s 14" pair has about the same volume as my 13" hat. But now I'm getting too complicated.
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