13" K/Z hh vs 14" A Mastersound hh


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I currently have a 13" K/Z hh that I'm not crazy about. I'm a big fan of Ks and have other K cymbals, but I'm not really a fan of these 13" hats. And that Z bottom is an aquired taste. Anyone have experience with these as well as 14" A Mastersound hats? I have an opportunity to trade. What can I expect from the Mastersounds? I'm looking for more volume and clarity from my hats. Competing with a Marshall half stack.
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Clarity is exactly how I'd describe the benefit of a wavy edge bottom cymbal. I've owned several pair of Sound Edge and Mastersound hi hats over the years and they're deceptive. In the driver's seat they can sound a little thin but they project really well and there is so much more clarity. I think they really come alive when you're playing with a band.


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I own both sets of those hats. They're actually pretty apples and oranges to be honest. The Mastersounds will not sound much like your K/Z Specials at all. That may be a good thing given your feelings on the K/Z's

You'll definitely get the volume to compete with a Marshall stack. They're plenty loud and cutting enough for that purpose. Personally, I never use mine. I find them to be just too aggressive for my tastes. To my ear they're heavy, loud., clangy, harsh and unmusical. I prefer my New Beats if I'm playing 14" hats, or I prefer my 15" 2002 Sound Edge's when I want to cover the 'loud and cutting' territory.

However, that's just my feelings on them. For what you describe you're looking for in a hi hat, the MS are well worth checking out. They'll do it. They just seem to do it a little too well for my purposes. Which may just make them exactly what you're after.
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I have some k/z's but have played the A Custom mastersounds.

k/z's are great for funk and soul, really tight fast hats that cut like mad. They record really well.

The A Customs are a slightly warmer version of 2002s

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I have 2 sets of hats 13 Ks and 14 A Mastersounds dated from 2005. I don't have the bottom Z though. To my ears the A Mastersounds have a balanced and pure tone with good definition. I enjoy playing both sets.
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