12" Pork Pie Snare - what head?

Hey all. I bought a Pork Pie Little Squealer snare a few years back, and I liked it at the time, but my opinion of it has soured over the past couple years. I can get a good crack out of it, but the overall tone I don't like, and there is no depth (yes, I know...its a shallow snare with a 12" diameter...). Shouldn't it have more "presence" (if I'm using that term correctly). I have basically always used a 12" Evans G2 Coated on it (basically, a Tom head).

I do tend to crank it up pretty tight so its possible I am killing/choking the head, but I wanted to know if anyone thinks that an actual snare head in that size would help the situation. Finding an actual snare head in that size is tough to find in stores I find.

I am interested in any brand (i.e. I am not wed to Evans as the above statement might have implied). Anyone have suggestions?