12" Butternut


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My friend Richard Jackson flew in from Costa Rica to buy a kit from me, just 4 toms and a kick. I was just assembling this snare drum as he was walking up to the shop. The snare sounded so good right off the bench that he bought it too, I did not even get a chance to play it.
The Butternut is the softest wood I have ever built with, had to be really careful shaping the edges and snare bed. It has inlaid steam bent maple rerings and is 12" by 6" deep. The soft wood is sort of what I expected, although only a 12" snare, the soft wood gave it a lot of body and warmth. Wicked little drum.



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It is refreshing to know that with all the established norms, brave and curious drum makers are still trying new materials. You never know, someone may find a new one that's as good as maple plywood, and other common favorites.

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