11-inch "PDP" toms and the "X22" kit.


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So, the four 11" counterhoops I ordered came in yesterday. Can you say Christmas in June?

After finding sources for the hoops and the shells (and Remo telling me they can easily accommodate me on the heads), I have begun gathering parts for the "X22" build. Last year's experiment with the 16 DW piccolo toms (pictures of which are in my photos somewhere) proved the concept well enough that I have decided to take the plunge and build a proper wood-shelled version of this little backbreaker.

After discovering the parts, the 11s were added to the plan in order to solve a problem involving space and the inability to get a satisfyingly low note from 10" toms. 1" increments make much more sense when you are tuning in whole and half steps. I'm starting with a 24" tube, which should yield a 10x11" floor tom, 8.5x11" rack tom and possibly a 5x11" "pancake" tom (have to order more hoops for that one), plus saw cuts.

I'm calling the whole thing X22 since the donor kits will be a pair of X7 sets plus a third bass drum, as well as some other random PDPs I've picked up here and there, and it will have 22 drums. All of the shells will be replaced with Kellers, and other needed hardware from the 16 experimental piccolo toms and elsewhere will allow me to redistribute the lugs and most of the mounts from the X7s into a decidedly non-PDP configuration.

The color has yet to be fully decided, but I'm hoping I won't have as much trouble as I think I will doing a blue/teal/natural fade under wipe-on poly. I'm also looking to try some ideas out, like 20-ply 6" toms and a 25-ply 7x12" snare, and if I really want to go to the loony bin...a 17" bass drum (no good reason for this one, other than Remo already having part numbers for this turkey in the catalog, so why not?).

I'll be adding pics as things progress, until it's done....or the men in white coats show up. Until then...

1. Original test kit (for practice and to see if I really wanted to do this).

2. Lugs and hoops for 11" floor tom.
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Funny, I posted a thread a couple months go lamenting the lack of 11" toms, thinking that 11/13/16 would be a nice setup. Where did you get the shells and hoops, and what type are they?

Can't wait to hear the result!


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Where did you get the shells and hoops, and what type are they?
The hoops came from Cannon, by way of Drum Factory Direct. I think Worldmax also makes them, but don't quote me on that. They are standard 2.3mm triple-flanged hoops, and chrome is all I get. The shells are sold by Anderson International as 11" dia., 24" depth maple tubes. I'm not sure if they were intended as replacement stock for Tama owners or what, but they list it and I'm buying. The 8-ply is about $100.00, so they will be somewhat expensive, but very much worth the trouble for me.

Remo's standard head lines (Ambassador, Diplomat, Coated, Smooth White,etc) are available as 11s, so as long as I keep a personal stock of spares when the kit travels, I don't have to worry about Guitar Center Timbuktu not having any at 6:37 PM on a Sunday.