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Oliver, please take a look at the forum structure and get a bit more acquainted with it.
The drummers in the Drummers section are pro drummers - not saying that you aren't, please don't get me wrong - but they have some reputation or they're plain famous/legendary drummers. It's not ok to simply go there and create a thread on yourself - unless Drummerworld (Bernhard, the founder) invites you to participate there or other members consider you interesting/relevant enough to start a thread. THEN is the time to go there and participate.

Also it's not considered polite to create multiple basically identical threads throughout sections. You've posted your video link like 3 times already? That's not standard, you know. So please think about _where_ to create your threads and _don't_ post the same stuff repeatedly. People will see it anyway, be patient and you'll get feedback.

There's an Introduction sticky thread here - that would be a good place to introduce yourself...