100th Anniv. Ludwig catalog


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There's a new drum & hardware catalog from Ludwig for the 100th Anniversary this year, and like catalogs of yore, there's a large gallery of artists in the back. Pat Petrillo, lookin' good! They snuck me in there too.

It's available online at http://www.ludwig-drums.com/pdf/av8142.pdf but dealers are only getting a limited number of hard copies, so if anyone wants one... hurry!



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Very cool. I love my Sonors, but they're just intermediate and one day I'm going to get that high end kit. Sonor leads the pack and I like Tama as well. But lately I've really been thinking a high end Ludwig after seeing alot of the great kits on here.

Pat Petrillo

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Say, Bermuda!

Excellent, and much congrats to you for all you do for Ludwig. It truly is a great honor to be a part of a Ludwig Cataloug, especially 100th Anniversary.

See you at summer NAMM?


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I'll be getting a couple copies...one to drool on, and one to keep nice haha!

A dream come true to be in a Ludwig catalog, so good for you guy's.

I saw Bun E.'s snare yesterday. Looks a lot cooler in person. It's #26.

Too bad I have a bunch of other stuff to buy, cause it's a real neat snare, but I have his sig. inside one of my snares already (my 6.5 Hammered Chrome Supra--that Alex Van Halen recommended!)...he wouldn't sell me his 6.5 COB tube lug snare though dang it.
He recorded with it, and said he keeps all drums he's recorded with.

Hey, maybe with the expanding Legacy stuff "someone" can convince Ian Paice to get back on board...then he can play a real Supra again...oooppp!

Happy Ludwig-ing!


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Nice catalog. I'll be upgrading to a 4 Pc. Classic Maple soon. And I LOVE Supraphonic snares. Thanks Bermuda!

Jeremy Bender

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I look at page 4 on a daily basis and keep imagining that kit in my house. Ahh...the power of positive thinking!