$100 drum set - I think I did ok


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A friend of mine had a kid that wanted to get into drums so for Xmas in 2007 they ordered the following:

- Yamaha Stage Custom Advanced Nouveau in Fade Raven Black (green to black)

- Sabian B8 full cymbal set

- Evans G2 full head set

- 700 series full hardware

They spent around $1300 for everything and came home, set it up, and as you can figure....... it never got touched. They put a sheet over them and they sat for 13 years - untouched and new.

I mentioned to him I wanted a set of drums since my last set of Pearl Exports were over 15 years ago and I loved to play so I wanted to get back in. He said that there has been an eyesore sitting in his spare room for over a decade and if I had a truck and $100 to come by later.

So, here we are. My new kit. :)

22” bass
16” floor
12” tom
10” tom
14” snare

16” thin crash
20” ride
14” high hat



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Thank you. :) I’m trying to decide my first change to make it my own. I really don’t NEED anything Different because I’ve been gone so long I’ll be banging away to an audience of myself alone for quite some time. That being the case everything he bought was good enough for a garage set - and then some.

Well...... cowbell. Needs more cowbell. I’ll probably be adding to the kit more than changing it. I grew up in a house with drums. My stepfather is a drummer and has been since before i was born. My mother and I lived with him from when i was 3 to when I got a drivers license. He is actually known worldwide so he has always had big sets. Respecting his privacy I’ll just say you’ve likely heard his music. The band has gold records. Me on the other hand, I’ve never played seriously. I always played around on his sets and watched him practice, went on tours and stuff, but I’ve never been artistic. I went the engineering route, I’m more technically minded. At about 25 I bought a set of Exports and used them for a couple years under his tutelage, and I’m 43 now and wanted to play again.

What I’d be interested in from here is expanding the set with accessories (like a cowbell) and other items.


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Great score!....... SERIOUSLY!!

I've heard great things about those Yammy SC's.

AND you've got some sweet G2s as well.


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How come I never get deals like this?? :cautious: Those are awesome - congrats!
Post pics in the tom angles thread and you'll be a fully fledged member of DW !! ;)


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Many thanks! It’s starting to sink in as i look around at changes I’d make and realizing they’ve already been done. I like to have a comfort zone when I buy specialty items and I’ll likely not need another set. I’ll probably WANT another set eventually, but I’m well comfortably matched to the set that I’ll ever need.


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What a deal, the hardware alone is probably worth more.
my only observation re the set up is that I think, and could be wrong, that the Tom Tom holder in picture 5 should e turned through 180 degrees so that the spare hole is furthest from you and ideal to fit a cymbal arm for a splash cymbal. Or a cow bell :)


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You must have done something nice to have deserved such a fantastic deal on a nicely aged time capsule set, so way to go.


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Better cymbals. Other than that, I think you’ve got a nice setup.
Agreed, but I think I would keep these as well. Why not? Pristine 13 year old beginner cymbals. The set could be sold for more than what the whole thing cost. If left unplayed, they would be a rarity in like 50 years. Probably still not worth anything though. I'm really surprised it went 13 years before being sold. What a score.


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I’m at a local pawn shop looking at a yamaha set for $149 In front of me and the cymbals could definitely be worse than the b8. They’ll do.

I’m also understanding what people say about wrapped drums. These have a warped up line going through every one of them.

edit: This is an old 80’s road power kit. It is complete though not at all interesting. The snare drum however is an sd465m and probably the best part of that kit. Tt413p, ft416, sd422p, Etc.

i’m amazed at how thin and flimsy this entry level hardware is on these things. I definitely am liking my 700 series hardware and in fact the entire drum kit when you look at these cheaper older drum sets. I’m sure they would be good for some kind of starter set though for somebody


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Ok i had a chance to look at the heads on my set so i need to clear up what they are. The 3 toms are indeed evans g2 genera coated. The snare is Evans power center reverse dot Front and 300 hazy rear. The bass is an evans g3 resonant front and an evans emad2 rear with evans pads. I don’t know if those are better than what I initially said or not. I’m just learning about evans heads.


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