10" Mike Mangini signature snare?

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Anyone have or know where I can buy 10" Mike Mangini signature snare by Pearl?

(google comes up totally empty as far as for sale now)

If not, can you recommend a very good 10" quality snare? 6-7 inch



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This Pearl 10x6 might be worth checking out. At $315 on Amazon, it's quite pricey for a popcorn snare, but I'm sure the Mike Mangini snare wasn't cheap either. For that price you're probably getting into DW territory.

Found this Gretsch 10" snare that's only $135 on Amazon. Not quite as snare-y sound as the Pearl, but half the price.

I'm not really a fan of PDP drums, but I'd have no problem buying a PDP 10x6 snare as an auxiliary snare. They sound great.

From what I've found, cheaper popcorn snares can still get a good sound. (Unlike buying a cheap 14" snare)

But if you want arguably the best quality, I'd go with a DW Collector's snare, but you'd have to order it directly from them and wait for it.


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That's the Golden Ratio snare, right? Occasionally one pops up on reverb or ebay. Set a notification for it and you'll know when one becomes available.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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A 12" will definetly be more versatile.

Depends on how important it is for you go get Mike's exact sound that gets from that drum.