10 Days left on my Kickstarter


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I applaud your recording and writing project. I'm not familiar with Kickstarter so forgive my ignorance. However, two things came to mind when I looked at your site.

One I have always gone into the studio with the money set aside to record and enter into a recording situation. Two, I always support recording ventures once the project is complete, and I really like the album. Although it may be the new world order, I find it hard to support a recording project that I am not engineering or performing in - prior to hearing a completed project - or at least demos.

One way that I have done it in the past is to hold private sessions, for prospective supporters, at my home (or other appropriate venue) to preview the music and seek assistance. Maybe you could try that and/or hold a free concert at a local venue, advertised through the appropriate radio station, and people can pledge/pay support after hearing the music. Have you already done any of these? Support usually comes from those invested personally and/or emotionally through a connection to you or your band, or a record label. I hope you get your recording session completed.