"1 year of drumming progress" video! What do you think?


Hello, I am new in this drumming world. I started to play drums at age of 24. I did video showing my first year of drumming. Watch, like and share your opinion there on youtube. Every feedback means a lot to me, give me motivation and help to improve. So what do you think?

PS. I know it is long video, but I tried to show everything what I was learning through this year to show my progress. Here is the link to my video:

Check out also my new drum cover - first Nightwish song, which is my favourite band:

Al Strange

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Hi @MargoC96 ! Can see you’ve put in some solid work and made great progress over the year. Your touch and timing have come on in leaps and bounds. Are you working with a teacher? Get that left leg going when you play the ride now, on 2 and 4 to start with before playing on the & and straight 8ths. I’m a fan of Nightwish too (my fave track is probably “Nemo”!)…keep smashing it and putting in the work, and welcome to the forum!:D(y)


Hello @Al Strange , thanks for nice words and advises. Yes, I have lessons with teacher - one hour in a week. Besides that I practice by myself about 2 or 4 hours a week.
I like Nemo too, but most of my favourite Nightwish songs are unfortunately out of my level or require double pedal, which I've never tried yet. I am searching now for song for my next drum cover, which I will be able to play and enjoy it.


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Yeah. You've definitely got this. A lot to work on but it's all there.

The most obvious area for improvement for me is the timing coming out of fills. Sometimes you're just losing the time, so it would be worth playing with a metronome in your ear and just practicing some fills and coming out of them.

There's some nice, smooth odd time signature action going on in the cover that you handle nicely. Your balance of the voices is decent - you could definitely benefit from some nicer crash cymbals. Not bad at all.


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Totally awesome!

Keep up the good work... it certainly paid off!

"And The Beat Goes On"


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Yes what they said 😁 I think you're coming along quite well also. It's a life long journey enjoy the experience.


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Welcome to the world of drumming not to bad after 1 year i remember my first year thrashing out with deep purple music back in 1978 well done Cheers.

Paul Blood

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I think it is so awesome that you have this video record of your progress. I am impressed with your progress and your work ethic. That's alone should get you very far!

Also, are you playing with any other musicians yet?