1 year drumming course in London


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Hi to all!
I play drums for 12 years now and after taking my Computer Engineering degree and working for 6 years, I'm willing to drop it to pursue the dream of studying drums full time for 1 year.

Since here in Amsterdam there is no contemporary music schools I would need to move to a different city, possibly London, since the USA are really expensive.

I did my research on the courses that are available and it boils down to basically:

  • Drumtech
  • ACM
  • ICMP

From all of these, ACM is a bit out of the scope because it's in Guildford which will be difficult to integrate into the London scene.

I saw the requirements to enter the courses, and they seem pretty basic. I would like something that would push me forward, instead of learning again what is a single-stroke, etc.

My drum teacher here in Amsterdam said that I could also not attend a course and just have private lessons while dedicating myself fully to it. My only concern is that it will be difficult to integrate myself into London and by attending a school would motivate me further.

What's your opinion on this?

Thanks in advance


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I can't give you any info about those, but I'll be moving to London in September to attend the 1 year course for drums at ICMP. Later I'll be able to tell you more info about it (I'm from Hungary though) if you need it.
By the way I've asked a few people about this school - not only drummers - and they all told me that it's a really good school, also as you can see in the details of courses, they not teach you how to play drums (second instrument etc).
Good luck with making the choice.