1 screw vs 2 screw drum lugs


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Hi everyone,
I am planing on making a drum kit in the holidays after the end of my school education. (three months!).

Any way, I have pretty much planned out most of the kit, but I have one query.

What, other than look is the difference between a one screw and two screw drum lug? I'm guessing that one screw will increase resonance, but anything other than that? Is a one screw lug as rigid as a two screw lug?

I don't believe there are any forums on this yet, but please excuse me if there are.


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I wouldn't worry about the rigidity of the the single screw. Thats what it was designed for.


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It depends on the quality of the lug and what type of shell you are using. If you can share some more specs we can help more.


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I will just be ordering my stuff from drum gear online or drum factory direct.
I will purchase maple keller shells, 6 ply toms, 10 ply snare and 8 ply bass.
The lugs I will purchase will be straight from stock list. I'm not sure about the quality of the lugs, but from what I have read, keller shells are rather standard.


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Single post lugs are pretty strong as long as you don't crank them up uber high.I'd say if you like high pitched snares,then a double post tube lug may be a wiser choice.I would also purchase the layout mat when it comes to marking your shells accurately before drilling.I wouls also use a step drill to make all of your holes.

You may want to check out Eames shells and C&C shells also.They make birch,and also hybrid wood shells which sound amazing. Keller isn't the only game in town.Cheers.:)

Steve B


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Thanks for that steve.

The only thing is I live in Australia, so accessing some other shells may be more difficult. I will definitely have a look and listen though, cheers.



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Avoid single mounting point lugs on your snare, unless they're double sided. On other drums, so long as they're accurately mounted, there should be few issues. With single screw mount lugs, footprint size is quite important, in fact, more important than whether they're single or double screw styles. For example, a very small footprint (i.e. tube lug size) on a single screw style lug would be very bad news when used on a snare drum.