1/1/11 Youtube Drum Solo


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Hello fellow drummers. I hope everyone had a good holiday season. Below is a link for a solo I did today and posted to youtube. Please lend me your judgement. Thank you!


(For some reason, the computer recorded the image as if you were watching through a mirror- I am not lefty, but it looks that way. I don't understand why this happened or how to fix it. This was filmed on a macbook pro. Does anyone know why this might be? Thank you :)


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Fast hands, & a few nice groove ideas. Sound was a bit of a struggle to get through.

Bo Eder

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Agreed - the audio could use some work, but I got what you were playing and I imagine it sounds pretty dang good! Nice. It sounds like you need a Zoom Q3HD camcorder though.... (nice commercial, eh?)

I think the mirror-image is an effect in iMovie. Go back to the original file and see if that effect if activated. You should be able to un-do it.


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Thanks for the responses everyone. I am going to get a USB mic so I can capture the audio more effectively and try to post another. I have a feeling the bad audio may have masked of lot of messy strokes and made it seem smoother than it actually was, falsely inflating my ego for the time being, because I've never been able to play so fast. It's kind of new to me, and it comes and goes, depending on how much I think about it (the more I think about how I am holding the sticks or whatever, the harder it is for me to be relaxed enough to get that speed. It's a constant battle, and it shouldn't be) Thanks for the comments too, and the suggestions (that kind of sounded like a plug Bo Eder, but it was funny).

Listening back, I think I do too many fills, but I can't help it, but then I listen back and realize I haven't set up enough context for the fill to make any sense. I assume the listener sees what I see, which is a fallacy, and I need to work on being more restrained, but I hate that idea of being restrained, but music to me is about freedom, but also I realize its NOT about self-masturbation. I really like to mess with the time, and with the bad audio, I think it just comes off sounding stupid, because either you, as the listener lose the 'one,' or I am actually losing the 'one,' which happens more than I'd like to admit, and I'm only aware of it when I listen back. It definitely happened a few times on this solo, but a few times I am doing over the bar fills and come back on the two, and with the audio, it sounds like I am doing random fills with no reference to time whatsoever, not to make excuses.
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