🔥 TD27KV or ATV EXS-5 (TD17 module) 🔥


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Hello folks! 👌🏼

I am trying to decide whether I buy an ATV EXS5 (with TD17 module + drumtec live sounds) or the standard TD27KV kit?

Here you go some specs!

ATV EXS-5 Drumtec specs:
Price £2k
Roland / ATV drumtec Edition EXS-Full Sized with Roland TD17 module
Roland VH-10 Hi-Hat
incl. drum-tec Roland TD-17 Live Sound Edition
13" kick drum, snare drum, floor tom
10" 2x toms,
14" hi-hat, 2x crash cymbals
16" ride cymbal.

Stabdard TD27kv specs:
Price: ~£2.5
TD-27 drum sound module
14" PD-140DS digital snare drum
18" CY-18DR digital ride cymbal
10" PDX-100 toms and floor tom (x3)
5" KD-10 kick tower — accommodates single or double pedals
12" CY12C crash cymbal
13" CY13R crash/ride cymbal
12" VH-10 hi-hat cymbals
MDS-series rack stand

Please let me know your thoughts on which one I should buy! and perhaps which one is likely to hold the price tag too!