zildjian cymbals help

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    Zildjian Hand Hammering?

    This is straight from the Zildjian FAQ on Zildjian.com: Are Zildjian cymbals "Hand-Hammered"? "With the development of new technology, the hand hammering is not the most effective or efficient way to manufacture the highest quality, consistent cymbal. We now have the ability to accurately...
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    Zildjian A vs K vs Others

    I know this has probably been asked before but I cannot find an answer that satisfied me. Do the letters before the cymbal name mean anything. I just want to know if there is a simple explanation to this naming other than "well...one is [blank]...except when it is not". If you have an answer...
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    Zildjian Classic China?

    Hi all, I have played Zildjian ever since I started drumming ten odd years ago. I love my set-up but obviously have dramas now that Zildjian decided to discontinue the FX Classic China range. My question is does anyone one have any idea which current production Zildjian cymbal matches the 18"...
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    Unidentified Zildjian 16" Crash!

    Hi Please can anyone help identify this cymbal? I've attached three photos. Here's what I know about it: It's a 16" crash and weighs about 1025g or 2oz 4lb (on my kitchen scales). I think it might be a medium-thin A Zildjian. I picked it up today at a closing studio, before practicing...
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    Cymbal stands?

    Hey, I'm new to playing drum kits (played snare/tenors in marching band...) anyway, I just bought a drum kit and some cymbals and I don't know what kind of cymbal stands to buy for them. I already have the hi hats stand. I understand there are boom and straight stands but which goes with what...
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    Cymbal Help Please!

    I am thinking about finally getting my own set, the problem is that the used set i plan on buying doesn't have a ride cymbal. I want to be sure that i do things right the first time, i don't want to get a bad cymbal now in hopes of upgrading because odds have it i will never get around to...
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    I need help with choosing my cymbals: AA Meinl Byzance or Zildjian K Customs? And is there much price difference? And would they go with a Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz? And would they suit my playing style of indie, alternative, rock music, I play like Nathan Followill of Kings Of Leon? Help...