yamaha stage custom birch

  1. All_The_Drums

    6 Yamaha Kits - Video Comparison (Including PHX!)

    We recently put together a seriously comprehensive Yamaha Kit comparison video that turned out pretty well. We tested the following kits head to head: Stage Custom Tour Custom Live Custom Absolute Hybrid (50th Anniversary Kit) Recording Custom PHX...
  2. K

    New to the forum, new kit, new advice

    Hello fellow drummers, I am new to this forum and this is my first post! Nonetheless but I've done my investigation first. Moreover, being a modestly intermediate drummer I do have some questions mainly from your own experience. I will buy a new kit (intermediate) and from what I've seen the...
  3. P

    Different Versions of Yamaha Stage Custom?

    Hello all, I've been looking into purchasing a 20" kick Yamaha Stage Custom Birch as my next kit. I was looking on Musician's Friend, and there are three kits listed, a 22" kick "Yamaha Custom Birch," a 20" kick "Yamaha Custom Birch," and a 20" kick "Yamaha 2013 Stage Custom Birch." When...
  4. N

    Drum Bags & Cases for Stage Custom Bebop

    I recently got permission from the wife to purchase a new bop kit. I'm leaning towards the Yamaha Stage Custom bebop. I have read many posts about these drums on Dummerworld and it sounds like what I'm looking for. Does anyone who owns this kit have bags or cases for the drums? I usually...
  5. W

    Jazz: Mapex Maple Meridian vs. Mapex Maple Meridian MANHATTAN

    I'm looking for a new kit: something to play jazz , although I do occasionally play rock and folk as well as reggae. Right now one of my main options is the Mapex Meridian Maple. Now, I've seen a demo for something called the "Mapex Meridian Maple," which the guy doing the demo did not advise...
  6. X

    My new Yamaha Stage Custom Birch Kit

    So I wanted to post my new set and I guess some people have said I got a really good deal on these drums.it came with a 5 pieces hardware and pedal...I changed heads on two drums and put a pdp snare..the other two pieces I'm thinking of keeping or most likely selling...the bass drum is my final...