yamaha recording custom

  1. A

    Yamaha RC or Ludwig Classic Maple

    I currently own a Gretsch Broadkaster kit (12, 16, 20) and I'm not totally into the round-over bearing-edges. I also have a hard time making them sing when I tune them up a little. Especially the 5 lug 12x8 tom. Tuned low they sound great though. Now I'm looking for a kit in Downbeat-sizes (12...
  2. All_The_Drums

    6 Yamaha Kits - Video Comparison (Including PHX!)

    We recently put together a seriously comprehensive Yamaha Kit comparison video that turned out pretty well. We tested the following kits head to head: Stage Custom Tour Custom Live Custom Absolute Hybrid (50th Anniversary Kit) Recording Custom PHX...
  3. S

    Yamaha Recording Custom made in England dates ??

    Hi, I have a yamaha recording custom in red hot finish made in england. He is the problem : the serials number / model of the drums are: JL 0086 / FT914RC JM 0177 / BD920RF JL 0062 / TT910RC with written underneath MADE IN ENGLAND. Here is where the problem comes in: the first...
  4. S

    Yamaha SD970RA snare made in japan

    Hey folks, I found this guy, 14x6.5 maple shell since 90s. I'd like to know if is recommended to play rock music, medium tuning, maybe to use with ambassador coated or similar. I haven't known this models of snares, but looks nice. What about your experience? Thanks a lot! Santi
  5. D

    how old is my Yamaha 9000 Floortom?

    Hi folks, I´m new to this forum. Hoping to find some Yamaha 9000 experts who can help me out. I recently bought this old `Made in Taiwan` 18x16" 9000 series floortom - it was converted to a bassdrum so there are some extra holes but came with all the original parts to reconvert it (except...
  6. joao3208

    Yamaha Recording Custom in cobalt blue / Deep Aqua

    Anyone know something about this particular color in the RC line back in the late 80's -early 90's? I have had a hard time digging info about this color. Also, anyone know how long did Yamaha make the Deep Aqua finish? I know it came after the YESS' introduction,... According to my catalogs they...
  7. R

    Yamaha Recording Custom 9000

    There's a guy selling some Yamaha Recording Custom 9000's that he says is dated from January 1983. I don't know much about these drums, but just wondering if anyone knows if these are birch or maple shells without having the serial numbers? It has a 8X12, 9X13, 16X16 toms and a 24X14 kick...
  8. J

    Help with the value of 1980's Yamaha Recording Custom toms and Pearl kick

    Yamaha 13 x 9 - midnight sky blue - TT913RC - ser # HN-2011 Yamaha 16 x 16 - quartz gray - TT916RF - ser # MZ6647 Not in perfect shape but very good. Bought both new. According to Yamaha's dating code the 13" is from 1981 and the 16" from 1986. Pearl 22 x 16 - blue mother of pearl - All Maple...
  9. R

    YAMAHA Recording Custom and Magstar Snare

    Just picked up an awesome sounding kit in great condition. All shells are wrapped in faux fur. Base from the previous owner (which I believe is the second owner of the kit) it might be related to one of the CCR members. Kit was used for six months then was stored for over three years, maybe...