tower of power drum cover

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    Tower of Power drum score

    Here is my drum score for classic song called Don't change horses by Tower of Power (and video) some of the fill are my ideas.
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    Another transcription

    Ive been requested to put up another of my Tower of Power transcriptions, please find both sheets and the video of me playing the transcription, regards Toni Cannelli .
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    transcribing drum part

    The amazing slower downer app is a must for transcribing, here is a Tower of Power song I transcribed (attached ) and a video of me playing it.Regards Toni Cannelli.
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    Tower of Power transcription

    Toni Cannelli playing his Tower of Power transcription for a copy of the transcription email [email protected]
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    Tower of Power drum transcription

    Just transcribed one of my favourite Tower of Power songs originally played by underrated drummer called David Bartlett. Let me know if you would like a copy of my transcription.Go to Here is the video
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    Tower of Power drum cover

    What is Hip played by Toni Cannelli