1. S

    Flipping your RIMS mount to the bottom rim

    I have a 13" Drum which unfortunately I stopped recording with because it was a hassle to mic up! The drum was on my left and a standard mic mount doesn't hook to the RIMS... and I just didn't have the room to add another full stand just for that drum. So today I answered the question, can you...
  2. S

    Window Clings for Tom Dampeners

    I like having fun during holidays and whatnot and I'll take window clings and use them for my tom dampeners. So much cheaper than moongels or trutones and etc. My daughter thought it was absolutely awesome and asked if we could do a video about it to share. Any of you guys use them to have fun...
  3. SharkyBait911

    Tilted Toms Good/Bad

    Hey guys I was just wondering ive seen so many drummers there toms horizontal or near enough but i have mine facing towards me quite alot. Is there any significense to this is it a better technique or is it just personal prefance ???
  4. LeeLovesSabian


    Are rototoms a good investment for a Lightish-Metal drummer? I don't know much about them. I figured I would ask you guys so that I won't have to waste my time on other websites.
  5. LeeLovesSabian


    How the hell do i make these. I went to websites, but they just show pictures. Also, what kind of material should I use for the tubes?
  6. LeeLovesSabian

    Reso? or not?

    I want a deep pitch in my toms. It feels like resonance heads make it higher pitched. Should I abandon Reso heads, or do Remo or Evans have reso heads designed to designate a deep focuses pitch?
  7. Dom Chandler

    Drum tuning toms???

    Hi people, I'm looking for a bit of info, A lot of drummers agree that using the same thickness heads top and bottom on toms helps with air displacement and phase between heads, overtones and generally helps get both heads in sinc, I prefer to use either coated or clear Emporers on top and...