1. Tom C.

    Sonor Kompressor Series Hoops Problem

    So I recently bought a Sonor Kompressor Series Aluminum Snare drum. I like aluminum snares, and I think this drum has a great tone, looks great and the hardware seems well built. However... I wasn't crazy about how it was tuning up out of the box. Then I replaced the stock batter head which...
  2. Dutch Drummer

    When can you call a drum set or snare drum vintage?

    Dear fellow drummers, Since I was patching up an old steel snare (bought it somewhere around 1988) I was wondering if I could call this snare a vintage snare. My gut feeling said 'yes' but thinking about the real age of it (about 37 years) I thought 'no'. But I was not sure wich was the right...
  3. Jameson D

    12" Tom Tuning Problems

    Hey guys, I hope you all are having a great day/week! I own a beautiful Sonor Prolite kit (10x8/12x9/14x14/20x17.5) in Nussbaum finish. Absolutely gorgeous. This is my first kit with a 12x9 rack tom, I've always played 12x8. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make that one tom-tom...
  4. Dutch Drummer

    Just curious: wich one would you pick?

    Just curious ... if you had to choose wich one of these snares would you pick? And why would you pick it, or why would you not pick it? British Drum Company Raven, 14x6, birch? Sonor SQ1, 14x6.5, birch? Sonor Artist Series, 14x6, maple?
  5. K

    Should i get an aq2? Or something better?

    I currently have a gretsch catlina maple kit from around 2007-2010. Its a fun kit but i want to replace it because i want a smaller kick. So far I’m heavily leaning towards the sonor aq2 series. My question is: would switching to the aq2 from the catalina maple even be an upgrade or should i...
  6. KenDoken

    Help me identify these Sonor snares

    A friend has a couple of snares he is fixing. I know very little about Sonor, in fact i am sonor averse. Could you help me id please? Drum1: Drum2:
  7. sonortony35

    The Ultimate Sonor SQ2 Drums Comparison | Part 2

    Hey guys! Just wanted to share this here. We just finished pt.2 of our Sonor SQ2 comparison video and it was a HUGE project. I know I went through great lengths to make sure the tuning was as precise as possible and that I captured the audio the best I could. Check it out here and let me know...
  8. T

    SONOR Designer Floor Tom Failure

    I’m hoping some knowledgeable SONOR fans are out there somewhere to help me out. I recently got a used Designer from Guitar Center, which initially was missing parts which have now been found (yay!). I have one remaining issue - the floor tom does not stand up! There is apparently an issue with...
  9. T

    Sonor Designer Question

    Hi Sonor fans, I recently picked up a used Sonor Designer from Guitar Center, and on receiving it found out that they had failed to send me the legs for the 16" floor tom, or the mounting bracket for the floating 14" floor tom. Suffice to say I was not very impressed! I'm waiting to hear from...
  10. L

    Sonor 1007 or DDrum Diablo Death Punx 7 Piece Drum Set

    hi! i am thinking about buying a new drumset, instead of reconditioning my Sonor Champion set. i am to choose between the Sonor Force 1007 and DDrum Diablo Death Punx 7 Piece Drum Set... which one do you find it better and why? i play alternative rock, but my favourite drummers are the...
  11. W

    Sonor S-Classix Bop Set

    I just received my bop set. It's making nice with the Yamaha's for now. Sonor S-Classix in Walnut Roots. 10x8 Tom - Remo Fiberskin 3 over stock clear ambassador 14x14 Floor Tom- Remo Fiberskin 3 over stock clear ambassador 14x5 Snare -Remo Stock Coated ambassador over stock clear ambassador...
  12. Naigewron

    My little Sonor (Rack, A Customs, the works) and my drumming history.

    Setup diagram: Pictures: At a gig with my band Lucky Lew here in Bergen, Norway on Friday, December 5, 2008 Audience view: Driver's seat (the china didn't make it in, it seems): Live pics! Photo credit: Chris Aadland Photo credit: My sister Photo credit: My sister Photo...
  13. L

    Pearl Reference vs Sonor Delight

    Hi, I am about to purchase a new drum kit, but I really can't decide between a Pearl Reference and a Sonor Delight. Can anyone on this forum help me please? I don't want to spend $10,000 on a kit and then regret it (yes,that's how much they cost in Malta. Thanks alot for your help!! Jonathan
  14. W

    Sonor 3005 Fusion Review after 1 year playing it

    Hi. There aren't a whole lot of resources and information on the Sonor 3005 when compared to the other series of drums that are in its range so I figured I would post here a few things about it so people can find it. I bought a red sparkle ltd. edition set in sizes 22kick, 10,12,14x14, and 14...
  15. G

    Starclassic Vs. Force 3007

    I'm looking for a new set. I'm caught between a Starclassic Performer set from 2003, 100% Birch i think. It's a 6 piece shell pack; 10", 12", 13", 14", 16", 24" (no snare). It's about 1500$. and... A Sonor Force 3007, Automn fade. 5 pieces; 10", 12", 16", 14" and 22" (inclu. snare). This one...
  16. FunkyJazzer

    Premier Artist Heritage or Sonor Jungle?

    Hey guys! In May I placed an order for a Force 3007 Jungle Kit in red maple (none in that colour in the country, apparently - so it was placed on back order for me), but I'm still waiting for it. I know I'm an idiot. Most people would have given up by now, but time has really flown by. Anyway...
  17. darknessdude16

    Sonor Force 3007

    Okay, I've come to the conclusion that my next kit will either be a Sonor 3007 or a Mapex Pro M But what im asking today is will the Sonor be appropriate for my playing, I've rang a few drum stores around my area and haven't really got much help.I basically play Rock/Funk/Some Metal (nothing...