1. kaancelenjazz

    Well You Needn't (Trade) video from my concert

    Thanks for watching:)
  2. S

    my Warmup / Mic Check / Solo

    So before I do any drum cover recordings i like to just goof around and do a small mic check / solo to make sure everything is working right and sounding good. Here I can tell my 14" tom mic needs to be adjusted as at low volume it cuts out. And this is why I do it. Someone on my channel asked...
  3. B

    Drum Fill and solo lesson number 2

    Here is the second video I've made in a series showing taking a simple pattern, displacing it, and using it in different ways. I combined it with lesson 1 around the 5 minute mark which is starting to make some cool fills. Lesson one was RllK and lesson 2 is rrLK
  4. D

    Been playing two yearss...

    This is me like a month or two ago. Been playing two years so i thought i'd put up a video of me messing around and get some good, helpful criticism.
  5. G

    Dario Ciccioni // Video!

    Hey! I'd like to show you this first video that I shot in my new studio... It's me performing a song by empYrios (one of my bands). The song is called The Eve Arose, and it's the opening track of the new album "The Glorious Sickness". Check it out at leave some comments! :)...
  6. A

    Anthony Knox Jr. Playing at Church

    My cousin Anthony Knox Jr. playing at church. Great ending. Tell me how you like it.
  7. K

    scenes from a jazz gig

    ..scenes from one of my quartet's gigs.Hope you enjoy it!
  8. D

    Dusted Orange: Bass & Drum Solo

    Hey Guys, Check out a recent vid of myself and the bass player (Jason) from a dustedORANGE Show in Melbourne, Australia. Hope you like. Cheers G